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Mission: The raise awareness of local Virginia artists, educate the public on many forms of art expressions, and assist / raise money or donations for EDMARC Hospice for Children to ensure their health care services. An estimated 300-500 people are expected to attend the event and donate to the charity. 100% of the proceeds are going to Edmarc Hospice for Children.

Date: February 21 2009
Venue: Walls Fine Art Gallery, Monticello Arcade (across MacArthur Mall) Norfolk Virginia
The gallery, as well as the promenade, will be open and used for the art show.
Time: 7pm-11pm
Artists: Christine Harris, Devon Lawrence, Brian Banks, Howard Tarpey, Robert Kurtz, Frank “Grandpa” Marsh, Derek Eley, Jade Bengco, Toxic Shock Clothing, Last Deviant, Fotog Ink, Holly Williams, Chad VanPelt, & k@t Marsh.
Music: DJ Lord Thomas, DJ k@t, & DJ Who?

About EDMARC: Established in 1978, Edmarc Hospice for Children was the first hospice in the nation designed specifically for children.  They are a United Way agency, serving children with life-limiting illness and their families, without regard to their ability to pay for services.  Edmarc believes that remaining at home helps alleviate some of the child’s stress.  They offer a broad range of services to address not only the physical and emotional needs of the child, but the many needs of their families.  Their home health, hospice, and bereavement support services are available to children and families 24/7.

We are looking for sponsors, as well as, organizations to help raise money or much needed donations for the event.  There's a long list of needs for Edmarc and despite the economy, we believe that people are still able to donate services or their free time to help others, when their money is tight.  We are doing this without any funding.  We are using our own money to put together this show and are not getting paid for organizing this event. All proceeds are going to the charity.  We have an army of local volunteers who are donating their free time to help paint, set up, build, and organize the show along side us. It is not just our show, it's the communities show.  Edmarc is there for the 7 Cities families that need the help and assistance for their sick child and bereavement, despite their lack of income or money.

Please feel free to email us if you have any additional questions. We have a sponsorship packet available and the donations can be written off on your taxes.

k@t and Gabe

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Look Alive 09/09/2008

Attention Bands and Artists:

Thought you might want to help support the scene and your band with a HUGE event coming up in October. MC7C is getting involved with the upcoming Look ALive Project taking place on October 12. They are doing promotional tote bags where you pay $20 for 2 tickets and get in the bags. All the proceeds for the event are going to the Tidewater Arts Outreach
(TAO brings music and the arts to area homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, pediatric cancer hospitals, and many other facilities and institutions in need of their efforts.  These performances, programs and activities promote human interaction, happiness and healing for people who have limited access to the arts, due to health, economic or social circumstances.)

Why are we bugging you? Because it's pretty much FREE promotion for a good cause. You can submit stickers, flyers, CD's, or whatnot in the tote. There's more details on their site. But everyone in the scene is bitching about not having enough people at shows or not having a good scene here in general, so this is your chance to help out. There will be hundreds of potential new fans and friends at this event. You should seriously consider the tote and do it. The deadline for the materials in October 5th, so get a move on!

What is Look Alive?

Eleven of the region's most gifted visual artists and a handful of its most praised musical acts will be showcased under one roof; the centerpiece of an evening designed to both raise awareness, and spark initiative among the local arts scene.  Some of the area's most recognizable staples like Cassie Rangel (visual artist ; Norfolk Craft Mafia), and Britta Petilon (gallery artist) will be alongside up-and-coming amateurs like Howard Tarpey (photographer) and Beth Nottingham (illustrator) giving the LOOK ALIVE Festival audience a full scope into the wealth of talent Hampton Roads has to offer.
       Dancehall darlings JC-DC and Lord Ryan Thomas and "Norfolk-City-Rockers" The Rats will be among the musical acts on hand to turn their amps to eleven and keep the audience dancing all evening long.  Also performing will be folky songstress Sarah Carter, and alt-country outfit Gifthorse (ex-Copperpot, Some Odd Sense).

Look Alive Dot Com

Hope to see your promotional materials in the goody bags. If you have any questions, please email  the Look Alive Myspace Page located in our top friends.

Take Care