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A Huge THANK YOU to all those who came out to MC7C's Pigment of Your Imagination Art Show on Feb 21 2009. We raised over $1000 at the door and will be announcing the grand total value of ALL the donations. Because of your support, Edmarc will be able to provide children and their families important support.

We're doing it because no one is doing it like us. And we do it for FREE!
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MC7C Monochromatic 7 Cities Created in the summer of 2006 in response to the lack of support for local artists by other publications and venues, MC7C was founded by k@t and Gabriel.

In the spirit of Ver Sacrum and the Association of Austrian Artists from the early 1800's, our goals are similar:

To promote artistic interests, especially the raising of artistic sensitivity in Virginia

Aim to acheive this by uniting local artists both in Virginia and abroad

By seeking fruitful contacts with leading artists

Promoting local art at exhibitions locally

Making use of the most significant artistic achievements of the SEVEN cities both to stimulate art in our own area and to educate the local public with regard to the general development of art


k@t Marsh is a Virginia Beach native who got her start in the local music scene at the age of 15 doing merch / flyers for Car 44. When she's not working on MC7C she enjoys; modeling, photography, crafting, sewing, cooking, hanging out with friends, writing in her blog called k@talog, organizing events, and spending time with her fiance Gabriel Perry. You can view her myspace page here:

k@t's myspace page

Gabriel Perry moved to Virginia almost 10 years ago from a small town in South Carolina. When he's not working on MC7C he enjoys; making noise with his music project Hindu Pez, Djing, photography, composing music, reading, hanging out with friends, attending events, and spending time with his fiance K@t Marsh. You can view his myspace page here: Gabriel's Myspace Page


Joan of Art - All female art exhibition

Location - Fuzion Ink, Norfolk Virginia

Date - September 29th 2007

Participants: Melanie , Sierra Goggiaharrison , Chelsey Barnes , Machinedance , Elizabeth Henry , Candace Filip , Tricia , Dzaet , Mallorie Nasrallah , Briana Cece , Jennida Chase , Amanda Page Stephens , Jennida Chase , Jen Stringer

Music - DJ Spookster

Sponsors - Fuzion Ink , Gabriel Cece , Chuck's Custom Catering , Escapist Productions

Renewal Juried Art Show

Location: The Warehouse, Norfolk Virginia

Date- March 21 2008

Participants: Over 50 local artists submitted their artwork under the Renewal theme. They were judged by their validity to the theme and awarded for their efforts.

Music- MC7C's k@t and Gabe (DJ Who?) provided the music and hosted the art show.

Sponsors: Symphonic for the City, The Warehouse, MC7C,, & Elm and Oak

Vital Dance Night

Location: chicho's 29th & Pacific, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Date: Debut May 24, 2008 - every Saturday night

Participants: MC7C's k@t and Gabe spinning with guest DJ's from around the 7 Cities

About: Multi-genre music, anything and everything. Punk, Ska, Rock-n-Roll, jazz, metal, noise, pop, dance, electronica, reggae, hip hop, gothic, industrial, modern, classics

Sponsors: Chicho's, MC7C and YOU!

The Look Alive Project

Location: The Granby Theatre, Norfolk Va

Date: October 12, 2008

Participants: Over 11 local artists, 4 local bands, 2 DJ's. All proceeds went to the TOA.

Our Role: MC7C helped coordinate artists with Look Alive, helped promote, took photos of the event, conducted the only interview with the founders of the project, connected Look Alive with media sources, spoke about MC7C to the public, and introduced the band Fox Trot Rio.

Press:, Various Local Media Newspapers


Portfolio Weekly Feature on MC7C

September 5, 2007

Portfolio Weekly Feature on Joan of Art Artist

September 25th, 2007

Portfolio Weekly Feature on Joan of Art Show

October 9, 2007

Pigment of Your Imagination

Venue: Walls Fine Art Gallery, Norfolk Virginia
Date: Feb 21 2009
Time: 7-11pm
Artists: Christine Harris, Brian Banks, Devon Lawrence, Howard Tarpey, Robert Kurtz, Frank “Grandpa” Marsh, Derek Eley, Jade Bengco, Toxic Shock Clothing, Last Deviant, Fotog Ink, Holly Williams, Chad VanPelt, & k@t Marsh.
Music: DJ Lord Thomas, DJ k@t, & DJ Who?
Cause: Edmarc Hospice for Children.
All proceeds and donations are going directly to Edmarc




MC7C. Get yours at Marsh. Get yours at'It has always been the purpose of art and indeed its very origin and most important purpose to express the aesthetic feelings of a minority of pure, noble and more hightly developed people. It expresses these feelings in enlightened compostitions, and as the slow, dull populace graduall follows them, it serves to educate them in the ways of truth and beauty.' Hermann Bahr